Mr. BoJangles

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

when can I catch a break around here?

I need to know what to do with my life..24 years old and got nothing to show but a freakin associates degree in psychology that is basically useless ..I was going for a degree in graphic design but have just about decided that it's worthless as well..I have no clue what to do..and can't see any way out..I've been trying to find freelance stuff to do for friends and family but work has been scarce going about it that I don't know what to do..I guess I'll just work at Gap for the rest of my life..heck..

Monday, January 28, 2008

My review on Beanie Babies 2.0

Great idea..sounds better than webkinz, cheaper than club penguin, the beanie babies don't die like Webkinz but there is a bit to be desired in the gaming area..but maybe it'll get better, In my Photography class I developed two rolls of film but have yet to print any of the photos, I still have a lot of work to do in that class ..I'm ready for it to be over with and I want to be done with school with a real job so that I can actually help out around here and carry my own weight for once in my life..after that I'll have a student loan to pay off but maybe if I save right that won't be a huge deal..and finding a job is a big deal..maybe I'll get lucky..anyways..I'm sleepy and get to sleep a bit tomorrow ..good night all..

Monday, January 21, 2008

Wow it's nuts around here..

Everybody is in the living room attempting to talk over one another and Rose and Drew are falling in the floor repeatedly, It's really loud and the house is a wreck and nobody seems to care, none of the children anyways...It's pretty depressing how messy it is and there is almost no point in cleaning it up because in like 5 minutes it'll just be destroyed again..oh well..maybe it'll be different soon..don't know why it would but maybe..oh and go show some love to the Burgess family they lost their youngest child so rather than send flowers ..donate some to their fund that will go to help support a ministry at their church. Click Here to help out

Sunday, January 20, 2008

N.Y. New England Superbowl..

A wee bit disappointed am I..I wanted Green Bay to go to the Super Bowl but they just barely lost but lost and thats what I guess the Patriots shall remain undefeated..making history...It was a good season..I love me some football..

Sunday, January 13, 2008

for those who care.

I successfully got the second season of the simpsons on my looks great..and took a while..but I got it done..I used a program on my mac called can get it free..and really easy to use It has been a great tool to go along with my Ipod..

TV on DVD to Ipod troubles..

I've been attempting to rip the Simpsons seasons to my Ipod but I want them to be as separate episodes rather than one big long video file..I've ripped the dvd to my computer but cannot figure out which files make up one complete I'm at a big of a stand still right now..any help would be greatly appreciated anyways..I'm taking a photography class and an interactive design class which is basically how to use I'm trying to come up with a good story for my first cartoon..gotta be a minute long...any ideas?..

Monday, January 7, 2008

Congrats to LSU..

I'm glad to see an SEC team whoop up on an over rated Ohio State team that didn't even play in a conference title game...but anyways..It's fun to watch football...and now I'm taking some classes so I'm ready to get into the routine of things and get all my supplies like I like 'em..and get this thing started...hopefully it won't be too difficult..I'll post any of my work if it's worthy..

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Mario Galaxy

I bought it with my Christmas Money and I've really enjoyed of the best Mario Games I've played, very entertaining...and I would write a positive review for thumbs up..I also like Mario Party 8 for the Wii it is ultra fun if you have a group of four people..anyways..I still want Itunes gift cards...