Mr. BoJangles

Monday, April 30, 2007

Nobody reads my blog!

Well this seems pointless to keep on blogging and posting my art work that i want all of the world to see so how do i get people to my blog? any suggestions? I put a counter on my page to count all the people coming to check my stuff out but the only one it ever counts is me and i'm just going there to see how many people have seen depressing? anyways..i guess i'll just have to cram my art down peoples throat if they won't volentarily look at it..

This is one of my only surviving 3-D pieces It is made of plaster and is a fist coming out of a base holding a comb just because everybody expects to see a knife. it was fun and alot of work but turned out really well.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

This is a still life that is done in charcoal but turned out really cool looking.. i was impressed with the dramatic shadows and bright highlights that i achieved just by using the additive and subtractive methods of drawing using a combination of charcoal, a gum eraser and chalk.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mixed Media

Charcoal bottom and the top right is a transfer and the top left that i'm most proud of is simply woodless pencil, as far as i'm concerend you could just cut the top left corner off this piece and make that the piece. Let me know what you think. That circular deal to the right of the humming bird was originally just a space filler but luckily turned out to be a simplified version of the rose pictured above it..we as artists call that a happy accident..

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

One last post for the night.

One of my first drawings done.. I drew it from a little metal figurine that i was holding and drew it on a large piece of news print paper with a woodless pencil, those things are great.. I enjoyed drawing and wish i still had my stuff with me.. anyways i have more stuff to show..just no time to show it now..tune in tomorrow, heck it would be great if you would subscribe to my blog ..

Spark People.

A great site for weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. It's great because they reward you with points for doing different things and with the points you get trophies..yes i know it's just a little icon by the name but it helps me out but you get points for things such as tracking the food you have eatin and doing working out or running and it helps you out and makes you more aware of the foods you are eating and it puts a stop to that mindless eating that accurs while most people don't even realize they are eating. i've started doing it and i feel alot better about myself and find myself more aware of being hungry or i'll stop myself when i realize i'm just eating because it's time to eat or because i want something to taste. but it sets out a meal plan for you and if you don't like whats on it just go through the list and pick what you want. And another thing great about this site is that it doesn't tell you that you can't have certain foods it's a healthier eating plan not a diet..
and this blog has not been paid for by payperpost (another great site) that i have made around $450 by using. but i'll blog about them later.

American Idol

Well i just read about how to bring traffic to a blog and it said to talk about things that people are interested in. So what about American Idol? It's been alright this year not near as interesting as it has been in the past although i do like our tradition of going to Qudoba and watching the result show. Last wednesday we were all gathered around the tv with the workers at Qdoba and cheered when Sanjaya went home. He'll still be a star even after American Idol because some producer will contact him and then he'll have his group of 12 year old girls that will follow him around and buy every magazine that he's got a picture in. I did think it was interesting what he thought about the girl that cried through his entire performance and how that kinda creeped him out. Anyways. Who do we think is going to win? I'm gonna put my money on Jordin she's a really powerful singer and has the look too, but i believe it is even more interesting seeing which one of the losers comes out on top such as Chris Daughtry and Bucky Covington they both went out rather early and they are doing pretty good to have been losers in the American Idol competition.

This is one of my pieces from drawing I the buterfly on the left is actually done entirely with an ink pen and the two smaller ones on the right are transfers using paint thinner. i think it turned out pretty good and wouldn't mind framing it sometime and hanging it in a room of my own ...if i ever have one ha ha..anyways.. i'll try posting at least one piece of are a day and once i run out..i'll just have to create more to post about.

My first blog.

Well i'd like to see if this blog gets any more attention than my myspace blog. I like to know that other people are interested in what i have to say and what i have to show..hopefully soon i'll have pictures of my paintings to post on here for all the world to see. I think my final painting will be the best. anyways.. I'll try to keep this one less personal and my myspace one for all the personal stuff cause i figure it's for friends and family and this one is for other people that don't give a rip about the rest of us..anyways..thats it for my beginning maybe more later..