Mr. BoJangles

Saturday, June 30, 2007

News flash on making money online..

Surveys are still the way to go..$53 and a $10 and another $50 0n the way..still at just 72 cents at Helium, doing well but still no check from them yet, it will take a while..and I've only 2 clicks last time I checked at Google adsense which equals about 35 cents so ..nowhere near a check there.. it'll take me years to get one at this pace..and nobody has purchased a game from my game space at big fish games...I've been playing Texas Hold'em on it though and doing pretty well, entering into the sweepstakes there for a chance to win a game, or cash, but really aiming for the game cause Lisa likes this game Nanny Mania and if I won I'd totally get it for it on her computer or course..but if you can get somebody to buy get 25% of their purchase and also on their later purchases no matter if it is from your site...they have good games it is just hard to get people to go to buy it from your's fun to play games..and I've found many that I really like.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

good evening.

It has been a while since I've blogged. I really don't have any new information so the only purpose of this blog is to let people know that I've yet to forget about this blog so just use the information that I've provided and do what you will. I've now earned 62 cents off of's a slow hill to climb but easy stuff, cause I've written so many articles they earn cents a day..all I do is sit and wait..

Monday, June 25, 2007

Hotel Reservations

This is one of the best sites out there to make hotel reservations you can save up to 70% off of reservations they offer a $100 rebate and assist you with vacation packages airfare and even car rental if you need it. You can select your hotel by city, state and even specify when you want to check in and out. Just let them know how many adults will be staying in the room and how many rooms you need if it is a family outing and they will hook you up with great deals at many locations so that you can choose the hotel of your choice to spend your vacation at for an ultra low price no matter what season it is. They even offer foreign hotels as well in countries like Australia, Italy, France, England, Asia, Greece , Germany, and even more to choose from so feel free to book with them. It is a very user friendly site and easy to use for everyone it is all laid out. Just enter the information that they ask for and there will be a list of hotels to choose from. You can book online or call the 800 number they offer on the site. They have special summer deals so hurry and take them up on their offer.

Big Paw E-Cards

Everyone has that friend who loves their pet. Here is your chance to send them an E card that they are sure to relate to. There are plenty to choose from and a lot of different categories. Not just e-cards here though you can get custom accessories for anyones pet out there just simply pick it out, add it to your cart and check out it's as easy as that, check it out, send a card either by occasion, breed, or just a funny picture to brighten someones day.

Snorg Tees

I've also submitted a t-shirt idea to a Snorg that advertises on myspace a lot. If yours get selected to print and sell they give you $100 and a free shirt of your choice. There is also a site called Threadless tees and if you submit your shirt there then there is a voting process that you have to go through I believe they pick a winner a month and the winner gets "$2000 of cash and prizes"

It is official.

CREAMaid is official, I have received payment from them, and it was really fast, just like they say within 24hrs of when your post has been selected they have it in your paypal account and ready to transfer to the bank. Unlike Payperpost with which you have to wait a month to get the money, which isn't a big deal once you have been regularly posting day after day because then you are just getting paid day after day. The only problem I am having with CREAMaid is that there are so few opportunities that is my only gripe. It is neat how you get paid for the initial post and then every time somebody posts off of your page you get a referral payment as well, but you don't get that until the conversation has been closed. I've been paid $2 so far from CREAMaid.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Been crazy.

Well every since Lisa and Steven got back it has been nuts around here..I got back from work this morning and Lisa and the rest of the ladies were gone to Walmart buying stuff for the shower tomorrow, we've been preparing for's been crazy..we ate dinner, cheeseburgers I had fried egg on mine..that was new..and yummy...anyways..after that I had some cookie cake and a glass of water..and a Pina it was really Lisa's but she bailed out on it so I drank it..They made a diaper's neat..they are gone to walmart again to get more ribbon and hair dye.. My blood pressure is high so I guess I need to exercise more...anyways..I guess I'll hush up about my personal life and start jabbering about what you are really here for...Big Fish games. is another site I've found where you set up a page that has your favorite games on it and if someone purchases it.. you get 25% of the purchase and once you get $20 you can cash out..I've yet to be paid but you can check it out...even if it doesn't pay well..the games are fun and you can use the "tokens" you earn to get tickets into sweepstakes for cash I are fun and you'll be surprised at the selection...really well known can click on the link that is located on this's easy to get there.

Friday, June 22, 2007

I'm amused

There is a widget on my Mac dashboard that allows me to track flights and I've found Lisa and Steven's flight..I'm gonna watch it as it happens on a little animated map on my computer, there are also sites that you can track flights on but you have to refresh the page to see the movement but on the one on my computer it actually slowly moves along as it fun!! of right now there are no delays on that we are right on track..

where are you going?

I found this great site to find awesome deals on hotels, motels, resorts, and even rentals. They have special deals on international bookings and will hook you up with a great deal they have very competitive pricing and with it being summertime and all it is about time to get away from the stressful city and head out to some exotic location that you've found a great deal with using this site to book your hotel, motel, or resort stay. They'll save you money.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Maybe a new way for some extra cash?

Well I think I might have found the next payperpost..although I haven't seen any money from them yet I'll let you know how it turns out. I will be sure to post a blog as soon as I receive my first payment from them via paypal oh..the site if you want to check it out is called Creamaid and the site is simply check it out the FAQ with all the skepticism that you possess because we have to watch out for scams cause people are ruthless like that and will screw you over whenever they can... "Beware the Jabberwock!!"

Paid to surf the net.

This is a site that could be compared to Myspace, only this one pays you, all you have to do is download a simple view bar and then Simply surf the internet while the Viewbar is visible on the screen. The software behind the bar determines how much time you have spent actively surfing the web and figures how much you have earned. The current maximum amount of time you can spend while using the toolbar is 5 hours. You also get credit for your referrals’ surfing. It is a social site with a good bonus to join, If you are going to be online you might as well get paid for it. So go sign up
and start earning now.

A great hotel site.

This site is a really helpful site when it comes to booking a hotel, it will help you find the one you are looking for. Just click in the drop down box and select a city and state and it will show you all the great deals, it will even hook you up with a flight and hotel in one search. So wherever you are headed this is the site to take you there.

Money Making Tips.

Well so far with my making money on the internet surveys seem to be the way to go , with sites out there like global test market, surveyspot, lightspeed panel, well those are the main money makers for me..I'm trying a site called Helium and have earned a grand total of 32 have to have $25 to cash it is basically just a way to pass time. I am also using Google Adsense on this page and have earned 35 cents with it..another way that I have found, actually Lisa found it.. but pay per post it is a great way once you get through that initial signing up period and getting your blog approved and all that is a pretty big hassle but once that is over and you get a steady flow of posts the money comes in good and daily. Best bet guys is to just get a real job...and maybe have the others on the side for extra cash.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Fun With Photo Shop CS

This was a little fun I had with Photo Shop on one of our days here at the house just hanging out that I enjoy so much. It was a picture of Tori sitting on the window seal in our living room , and although this picture looks a whole lot like it..believe it or not..there is not a beach in our back Gardendale AL trust me....If you want to see the original picture you'll have to go look at Lisa's myspace pics cause that is where it is..
thanks for looking...

thank you..come again..

The Diet Crusher.

Here it is guys, what you've all been waiting to see... This is the lunch that ends weight loss..a $7 pizza from Little Caesars, Bacon, Pepperoni and sausage .. it's over with one bite of this pizza...or four pieces ha ha..I do apologize for the low quality of this picture but you'll have to forgive me cause it's taken holding my webcam up above it and reaching over with my other hand and clicking the "Capture Still Image" button, I might could have focused it a little more but why do that when I could just blame the low quality on a webcam?..anyways..I couldn't find Tori's camera to borrow otherwise I would have had an interesting photo blog like Lisa's...but like we've all heard before..."An excuse ..Ain't nothin' but a lie with a bow tie" ha ha..and that'll be my clever quote for the day..

A Diet of Ham sandwiches and Pringels

It's worked for me these two days that I've been away from the family, All I've eaten is Ham and the occasional bologna sandwich sometimes with mustard and sometimes mayo and sometimes just dry accompanied by various flavors of pringles potato crisps, Bacon Ranch, Spicy Guacamole or just original and large glasses of ice water to drink. I don't have specific numbers on weight loss I just know that I'm down to 164 and had been hovering around 168 or 167 somewhere along there, but today this diet comes crashing down just like all diets do..Lisa suggested that this diet of mine isn't healthy, not enough to eat she says so today for lunch I will have a grand crashing of the diet by having a little Caesars $5 pizza, pepperoni to be more specific. it'll be good

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What a crazy world we live in?

It's crazy to think that today you could get on an airplane and just be thousands of miles away in just an hour or so. That is just wild to me, so much technology that wasn't available just years ago, You can get on a plane and fly to Michigan and send a text message to somebody's phone and let 'em know you are there safely, or you could even send an email from your phone. Maybe I'm just easily impressed but if you really stop and think about it, it's crazy, think wlat Alexander Graham Bell would think about what has been done with the telephone, or Orville and Wilbur Wright , what would they think about how huge and fast airplanes have gotten? There are just so many ground breaking inventions that were made and somebody else came along and improved it, just took an old idea and ran with it.. anyways..thats me thinking too much I guess..

Monday, June 18, 2007

Orange Dreamsicle Cake

Lisa got around to making my Birthday Cake and it was wonderful, best one I've had, It was orange supreme cake with which chocolate chips added and a little sour cream thrown in to keep the cake good an moist. Cooked in a bunt pan, the great thing is that while it cooks the which chocolate chips melt and pretty much become a layer of which chocolate that rests both on the outside of the cake and the occasional lump hiding right inside the crust of the cake. It was great fresh out of the oven but I think even better after it had cooled for about 30 min and the white chocolate chips had become hard again. It was a great cake.

Pregnant Cat

We have a pregnant cat, Kate, she got out one too many times and was having unprotected sex, and now we are going to have kittens because even kitty cat abortion is wrong. This is the first pregnant cat that I have ever been around because all of our other cats were "fixed" or "broken" however you want to look at it. So it is kind of neat because you can actually see and feel the kittens moving around inside of her, it is interesting to see how her personality changes and she has become more vocal and more affectionate towards us and actually greets us when we get home and seems to attempt to stop us from leaving her here. I'm looking forward to seeing where she decides is a safe place to have her kittens and hope its not on the new couch where she sleeps most of the time, cause that would be a nasty mess to clean up. Anyways, I'm listening to John Mayer who I was rather disappointed in to find out that he was doing Jessica Simpson the way he was. But then again it was in a magazine and which ones can you really trust? Judging by his myspace blog he seems like a cool guy..

Time goes by so slowly.

No, I wasn't singing that song, although I could but anyways Steven and Lisa left me today and it has been so slow around here, I've washed dishes and done a couple of loads of laundry, fed the dogs, picked up the charcoal off the back porch, went to the post office to mail the IRS a form they needed to allow me to file taxes online then went to Wal-mart and got some sandwich stuff for lunch and dinner, got my car serviced as well, now I'm home and have eaten, I also took a $3 survey on a new show on MTV called Band in a bubble sponsored by Dr.Pepper I love when a brand just goes ahead and buys all the commercial spots in a show and then the show is presented in its entirety no commercial breaks, now I will support Dr.Pepper cause first off it's a cool show and second thanks for no commercials even if it is blatantly plastered all over the show and every person is drinking Dr.Pepper with the label perfectly visible to the camera which is kinds funny to me...anyways..I've missed Steven, Lisa and the kids they'll be back here safely soon though I'm sure..

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Fear not Mac Users.

Because you too can use a webcam, even if the box says nothing about offering support for a MAC all you have to do, and it is super easy to do is go buy a webcam Logitech Quickcam Express is the one I got and then come on home and google macam and choose a version that you need I downloaded Version 0.9 and it was working within seconds it allows you to capture both pictures and video and saves it to a desired location, I cannot figure out how to make the sound work but I am very pleased at how simple the setup was on my mac, Thank you Macam!

Friday, June 15, 2007


We watched Flyboys tonight and it was a great movie, call me strange or maybe just typical guy but I love historically based movies, war movies, I loved Pearl Harbor, and Flyboys, and Saving Private Ryan, I would recommend this movie to anybody to watch, along with Accepted but that movie is in a whole different category, anyways, goodnight all.

Fall into the Gap...but only like once a week.

My j.o.b. at the G.A.P is not that bad the only deal is...they only schedule me like 8 hours a week which is pretty good I guess accept for the fact that for the past couple of weeks they've called and said they didn't need me to work one morning so that cuts me down to 4 hours..but I know I do good cause I was working the fitting rooms today and when I left we were like $5 over our goal. Anyways..I need money!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Top of the morning to ya!

It has been an interesting day so far, I woke up and went into Lisa's bedroom to see what she was watching, because she had turned the tv up and I could tell she was watching something interesting, She was watching My Super Sweet 16, a show on MTV about people who throw really really ridiculous birthday parties for their daughters on their 16th birthday. So after we watched a couple of episodes of that, I completely lost interest due to the last episode the girl was being a total B*tch and making these two guys compete for her love and then at the end she chose the one that lost all three competitions. Anyways..after that the little neighbor boy came over to see when Tori was going to bathe the dog, this turned into much more of a chore than it had ever been before, it was all going smooth until Drew decided he wanted to go out and help, so Jen gets in when Drew goes out, and she's not big on going outside, so she just lays down and we have a little battle, Lisa threw some water at Jen and this just threw her into a scared frenzy running upstairs and jumping on the couch, so now we have wet dog on the couch, but eventually Lisa got the broom and just kinda tapped her on the rear and then Jen knew we weren't playing so she went out, and then we swept and dried up the floor, had breakfast and a vitamin and then I took a shower and helped clean up. I moved the computer that was in the floor down to Halei's room and now all is calmed down and Lisa and Constance are gone out and me and the kiddos are home, peaceful, Kate is getting pretty far along with her kittens they are beginning to move in her to the point where she'll be asleep and actually wake up and meow due to kitten thats been my day so far...interesting huh?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Song Remembers when.

That song is oh so true, we were riding down the road today and listening to the radio when "I can only imagine" came on the radio and Lisa was remembering the first time she felt Halei move inside her, she was on her way to work and she was saying how it made her cry, and then I was remembering all the times I had cried while that song was on, During our Final Word at Blooming Grove that Tim had written rather than buy the cheesy little cookie cutter ones from Lifeway and all the memories of the group, both the serious and the fun memories and they were all triggered by that one song. I guess this is a follow up of my memories blog from a while back; weird how smells, sounds, songs and being places can all send memories rushing back to your mind.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Happy times.

It makes me happy to see at least somebody comments on my page. I know that some people come see cause I have a counter on it. I'd just like some more comment action on here.. thank you Lisa, I'll have to do something special for her, a painting or something ..maybe if i reward activity on my blog it'll get more people active on it...maybe...

Monday, June 11, 2007


Memory is a funny thing, not ha ha funny but strange funny. It's odd to me how a smell can invoke so many memories, What brings this up is tonight Steven was grilling, but due to us not having the gas grill here we borrowed a charcoal grill, the smell of the smoke coming off of the charcoal makes me think , camping, grilling out, good times, riding bikes and such but also this weekend I was thinking while standing watching the grand VBS finale thinking of all the VBS that I had taken part in and all the memories that I had of helping out and the people I was around and the people I had influenced as well as the people who have influence on me. I miss those people. Even if I were to go back to that place now it wouldn't be the same. so all this said what it all boils down to I guess is..
Time Changes Everything.

Hot Outside.

It is way hot outside in Alabama today and I've heard that due to the drought situation milk prices are going to sky rocket. I can only assume that the reason is that the hay that the cows need to eat cost more so it's one one of those trickle things where it cost everybody more so everybody pays more but that won't really effect me directly cause I'm not a big milk fan anyways. I just try to blog about non personal stuff on this blog. but I something is bothering me...these children eat and eat and eat and eat...oh my eat eat...and when we are sitting here on the laptops and they come poking their little noses around the corner of the screen to see what we are looking at...that bothers me....and when Lisa goes to the bathroom and nobody will leave her alone...and let her use the bathroom oh my gripe is done now..they don't LISTEN!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Long weekend.

It's been a while since my last blog and I don't really have much to say accept for just to let everyone know that I still exist and haven't forgotten about this blog.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Porky's Pride

In my book Porky's Pride is the best BBQ place I've ever been. The prices are reasonable, the atmosphere has a comfortable down home feel to it. The food is great, dessert is good they have the good ice and I always leave happy. It is located in Fultondale AL and would recommend it to anyone who lives near or is just passing through.

That was my restaurant review: I'll do those whenever we visit a restaurant that I feel is worthy of a good or bad review.

Check Vance's site out it's now featured in my favorites.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

VBS Game Day

We all loaded up and went to the VBS presentation of what the kids have been learning over the past week. Yes, I too think it is odd that they have the big show of songs and dance on a Thursday night, it seems normal to me that they do it on Sunday when everybody is at church anyways. I can't help but every time I go to a VBS or really any church service for that matter but anytime I attend I start to miss the gang, Tim, Brad, and all the youth from my younger days, but luckily most of 'em I can still contact using the wonderful world wide web.

So I was checking out some art online today and ran across this guys art,LinkJulian Beever

He does sidewalk chalk drawings and they are amazing, wish i could do the same but let me know what you think.

Looking to relocate, again.

We are looking for a new house to move to because this one just isn't large enough for us so I'm looking to make money...somehow, I am starting a savings account and going to put money in to save until we find a house with hopes of helping out with the payment with what little I can so if you want I can do a painting for anyone who donates to the paypal fund just let me know what you want painted and your address and such and I'll work on it and get it to ya.
just send me an email with your information.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Something that really burns my biscuits when a business such as Krispy Kreme has a restroom ...a men's restroom that has two toilets in it, a urinal and a regular toilet stall, which means that they might as well have just put a toilet in there because only one dude can be in there at once. They need to put a stall or take the urinal out. just a thought..

Twice today but I got something to say.

I hate to be like this but I get a little tight in my chest when I know that a large group of people are about to invade the house. Children , toddlers, tweens and adults, yes there will be more kids here than adults. It will be loud and there will be plenty of tattleing going on it'll get hot and loud but oh well we'll deal with it and afterwards it'll all settle down and be all back to normal right...nope..cause the kids will stay here for a week or two but maybe they'll stay upstairs or downstairs and maybe the house won't fall down around us but I'm sure we'll take our hits but I'll post an update after the war is over.

Greatest Pranks on TV

VH1 had a show that listed the top 40 pranks on tv and the top prank was hilarious. They had set up this reality show, the typical win a date with the really hot girl and over the weeks of the competition they had come down to the winner and announced the winner and then they announced the twist. Are you ready for the twist?..hope so cause the really hot girl turns out to be a dude, so the guy has a choice to make. From the dock they are standing down below is waiting a boat with the equivalent of about $17,000 and his date, does he take the money and date the dude, yeah he did, he took it like a man. Ha ha..I thought that was hilarious!
I'm watching Cribs now and being jealous of all the lovely houses, with hopes of having one half as nice one day.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Meat Loaf

Due to difficulty coming up with blog titles I will just use what's for dinner for blog titles. I've got some movies that I would like to see, Simpson's movie and Spiderman 3 are at the top of my list along with other movies that everybody else has seen. I think it's good to let others see them first though because that way you know if it is worth seeing or not, just like reading video game reviews before you buy them. Dinner tonight is meat love it anyways I was very disappointed to see that my birthday didn't result in any paypal donations...none...oh well maybe later and nobody has subscribed either, it's not hard guys, just type in your email address up top right side of page, c'mon guys I need some readers.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Makin money.

Well, I've been on the search for years on ways to make money using the internet, I've sold books for a while and made some money but the best thing that came from that venture was the $300 David gave me to start up that checking account. So Lisa showed me these Survey places online and they have been the big money makers for me so far. I know they sound like scams to begin with but I've found that there are a few out there that are actually legit forms of income and it's not really that much hassle. I put a paypal donation box on this blog and have yet to receive a penny from anybody, can't get anybody to just give for the sake of giving just a dollar would be nice but anyways, I've signed up for another place called helium that says you can make money by contributing to there site, writing articles and whatnot, I've written a couple of articles but haven't made one red cent, I hate it because they don't really tell you what you have to do to make money, and how much you make, and you have to cash out every month, and have to have earned 25 dollars before you can cash out, so basically it's pretty much just a place to go to express your opinions and so far not a viable source of income, I'll let y'all know how it turns out.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Dinner was grand!

Well, there is a new phenomenon of breakfast for dinner, it's great, because it's food that we all love but it's later on in the evening so you are hungry when you eat it. The only thing that could have made it better was if Lisa had made her apple pancakes, but I understand why because of time and money and all those wonderful factors.
Another subject, so Gilmore Girls is over that kind of upsets me because we used to have a show that we could watch as a family, House is great we are just getting in on that show and that is a rare thing because usually if you miss out on that many seasons of a show it is hard to just jump in mid-season, but we did successfully, and Office, we hear that is a funny show and we're trying to get in on it but it's just not catching quite as well as House.
That's it for tonight!

Crazy day.

Well i've had a pretty good day, had to work from 10 to 2 but it went by fast so after that my adventure began, I was on a venture to find Jim's i met Steven and Jim at Whataburger and followed 'em to the house.. so then we hung out and did the whole hot dog , cake deal for birthdays.. and about 5 or so it was time to leave.. so i followed Steven and Lisa until they turned right and then turned left to turn around to head home..the only thing is..i didn't turn Steven calls and informs me that i need to turn around, so i turned around and wasn't sure where i was headed.. so i just drove..until i saw a sign that said Birmingham 11 i went that way..and somehow wound up on Carson Road. and then at the end I turned and finnaly came out where i knew where i i made it home..and then we went to Winn Dixie to get drinks and now we are having breakfast for dinner.. so i guess thats it for now...thanks for tuning in for my not so interesting life..

Saturday, June 2, 2007


Well my birthday was all and well and if you want those details then check my myspace blog. So I was took a survey this morning easiest two dollars i ever made but anyways i was taking another survey that got me some entries into a sweepstakes and it asked me if the U.S. should get rid of the penny? that is a pretty dumb question if you ask me, i mean how are you gonna get 2 cents back for change?...anyways that just bothered me. And it was a little odd yesterday getting text messages from some of Dad's friends saying happy birthday i'm just glad they explained how they knew who i was otherwise i would have been a little creeped out. I felt special yesterday, i guess i should everyday but ya know..getting a home made birthday card from Tori with the wrong year on it was is the thought that counts in most cases, but i can think of cases where the thought doesn't really count at all, such as I saw you about to be hit by that bus and thought about saving you...see..the thought doesn't really count there...anyways..i guess i don't really have anything to say now that i'm up early and could have slept late but was a moron and didn't look at my work schedule close enough to see that i had to work at 7 P.M not 7 A.M. but it won't happen again, i've learned my lesson.