Mr. BoJangles

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hate to see bama struggle..

Roll Tide anyways..they are hanging in there..I'm having fun with fantasy football this season ..I've got my new computer and it is running smoothly so I'll let y'all know if there are any other money making plans in the future.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fantasy Football.

I got lucky this year and actually got a good team..if only it paid money..maybe I'll search for one and post it on here..I've been doing good with that clixsense site almost got the $5 payout mark..I'll let you know when I'm officially paid by them though.. So far I've just been checking back with 'em when I've nothing better to do online..thanks for reading..

Monday, September 17, 2007

A friend in need!!

This computer is driving me nuts..I have to hold the chord in it just right or the computer goes dim and eventually just shuts off..but not just shut off, the back light goes out and then you have to unplug it and take the battery out for it to go completely off before you can turn it back on?.. anyways..I'm working on saving up to get one maybe one day...I've been slowly working my way to the $5 mark at clixsense and my surveys are going well but it is a very slow process and not getting to work more than 4 hours a week also makes the money come in slow..very frustrating..maybe I'll actually finish school and get a real job one day..oh..that'll be the day..ha ha..anyways.. I'll let ya know if I find any more sites out there..Lisa found one that we haven't taken advantage of quite's called ExpoTV you can check it out and let me know how it goes..

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cheat to Lose!

This diet plan uses your metabolism, hormones and cravings to help you lose weight. Diet and fitness expert Joel Marion has discovered a way to help you lose weight and it actually involves cheating on your diet plan he created a diet designed to control the hormone leptin, which is linked to your metabolism and triggers fat loss. One of the diet's main requirements? You must regularly cheat with all your favorite foods! Doing this makes it much easier to stick to the diet plan and working your favorite foods into your meal plans is an easy way to do this, almost like tricking your body into thinking it's not on a diet. You can plan your Cheat days around sporting events or parties so that you aren't tortured by all the yummy treats floating around you. It is called the Cheat to Lose Diet and has been proven to help many people so far. This blog was paid for by the great folks at PayPerPost!

Update on Yuwie!

I earned a whole 11 cents this month just by participating in a social networking site, all you crazies out there who are members of myspace you might as well join up and get paid for viewing all of your friends pages, blogs, pictures, and posting comments.. You can do all of what you can do on myspace you just get paid to do it on Yuwie, and it's not like you have to cancel one to do the other, heck I'm a member at facebook, myspace, and check it out... and see what it is about.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Paid to click!

check it out.. $5 payout, to your paypal account and a minimum of a penny a click..easy money..and a 25% referal rate!

Computer has been down..

I haven't blogged in a while due to my computer being on the edge of death but so far it is back and limping along smoothly I'm still looking for that perfect website that is out there to help me earn enough to purchase a new computer, I've been visiting that clixsense website and I've earned a little over 3 dollars on it, Helium I'm up to also a little over 3 dollars all my survey sites which are paying out daily.. so I'm saving up my money, I really like the way those new Ipod touch look although I've not seen nor held one I'd love to have one.. anyways.. I gotta get gone, I have projects to work on for my Graphic design class..oh and Ceramics is a pain...I've still not earned anything from Yuwie but you have to be a member for an entire month to see your is getting more cluttered due to ads but we'll see if it is worth all the clutter for some cash..I'll let ya know!