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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cheat to Lose!

This diet plan uses your metabolism, hormones and cravings to help you lose weight. Diet and fitness expert Joel Marion has discovered a way to help you lose weight and it actually involves cheating on your diet plan he created a diet designed to control the hormone leptin, which is linked to your metabolism and triggers fat loss. One of the diet's main requirements? You must regularly cheat with all your favorite foods! Doing this makes it much easier to stick to the diet plan and working your favorite foods into your meal plans is an easy way to do this, almost like tricking your body into thinking it's not on a diet. You can plan your Cheat days around sporting events or parties so that you aren't tortured by all the yummy treats floating around you. It is called the Cheat to Lose Diet and has been proven to help many people so far. This blog was paid for by the great folks at PayPerPost!

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