Mr. BoJangles

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Another way to make money.

It is a free site that allows you to open a shop and add the desired products to it and sell and you get a portion of the profit, it is free to open the store, free to list their products. You don't have to provide anything accept to push the site and get people to but it from your site it's a place called Zilo, I've yet to have anybody buy anything but's worth a shot.. Once again..try it and let me know how it works out for ya!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Another slow way to earn..

Maybe I've mentioned it before but you can always go to Clixsense
in those times when you are on the internet but don't have anything to do, you can click on the pages and they pay you just to look and sometimes you even find pages that you care for. You can either wait until the balance has reached $10 and cash out or use what you've earned to pay other people to go to your site, which is an easy way to gain traffic to your site. You can also pay a membership fee and have more opportunities to click on but I opted not to pay and I'm doing alright just going there once or twice a day. I've been a member for around a week now and I'm already up to $ I said..slow but simple..

Need a little extra cash flow!

I'm your average college student and have just recently become the average one..broke.. but still doing alright..I could just use a little extra money around..Due to school I'm not scheduled to work quite as often as I'd like to be, so if anybody has any suggestions as to how to make some extra cash in my own time and I'm not gonna fall for any of those get rich quick schemes out there..although some of them sound pretty dern good... but anyways..just leave a comment if you have any great ideas or are a member of any programs that pay well, preferably those that don't require a payment to get involved as I don't have any money to spare..

You can be an Alzheimer's Memory Walk Team Captain!

You can be a memory walk team captain to help raise money for research on a disease that little is known about and there are more than 600 communities across this country that participate in this 2-3 mile walk held on a weekend morning this fall. This site makes it very easy to participate and change lives. This is your chance to step up and make a change, get your family, friends, or business if you raise $500 you get a chance to win a trip to Vegas. This is a very easy site to use and for a great cause. I've provided links to the site and you can find one near you to participate in. We all need to exercise and get up to be in better shape so you might as well walk for a cause that most Americans know somebody who has suffered from it or will suffer from this disease later in life. You can help raise money for this cause and possibly even save your own life or at least improve the quality of your life. This is a heart breaking disease that is hard to watch somebody suffer through it so we must do all we can to raise money to put a stop to it. So join in on the closeset Memory Walk to you.


This is crap!

So... I had my first real day of class today... it sucked..wasted day basically.. went to my first class it seems kinda cool.. I didn't realize how much time I actually had between classes so my dumb self sat around on the bench outside..took a little nap.. and woke up just in time to go to class..which is gonna be a real pain.. So I started on my first assignment and got about a 3rd of the way done..class was over so I saved it on my thumb drive that I now find out is too small.. so I get on my computer to finish my assignment just to find out that InDesign CS2 won't read a CS3 (which is the updated version of the same software).. so I guess I have to start over...and even if I do I don't know that it will print at the school once I do finish... so that makes me very now I have all these supplies to get and really no money to get 'em with... Gap doesn't have me on the schedule this week so that's two weeks in a row that I haven't worked so that money coming my crap I don't know what to do..I like the teacher of the second class but dang it these supplies are just too much to ask..and requiring three different books .. all cheap but combined adds up.. even used..$13, $10, and $7.50...ugh..I'm confused...

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Lap Ban JourneyLife

This is a website dedicated to providing the locations of nationwide network of lap band surgical facilities and surgeons who specialize in the lap-band procedure for the surgical treatment of obesity. It is a surgery that decreases the size of your stomach. Journey Lite specializes in Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding which is also known as LAGB or the LAP BAND System procedure. The LAPBAND Adjustable Gastric Band is designed to help you lose excess body weight, improve weight-related health conditions and enhance quality of life. It reduces the stomach capacity and restricts the amount of food that can be consumed at one time.

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Yo, check this out,

So I'm searching for places to make easy money online, and run across this place called Clixsense that pays you to click on links and look at these certain web pages, so from there I was led to another site that is like MySpace but they pay you for your page impressions, so while you are browsing you are being paid and it has that evil pyramid scheme look to it but you don't put any money into it's just myspace but you get paid everytime somebody reads your blog, views your profile, looks at your pictures or basically looks at anything on your page you get paid. so here's the link to the site called Yuwie I've yet to be paid by them but I did find and old friend on there and found out he had a pretty cool sounding band..anyways..check it out.


Spider-Metrix it is a survey site based out of Australia, slow going so far, I have 22 points and you have to have 300 to cash in, the offers are slim in the beginning but I'm hoping they pick up soon, it is one of the more amusing survey places, in the answers that they offer you to give in their multiple choice platform. They pay through paypal only if you are outside Australia or you can request a check but at a fee, so why not start a paypal account?..Here's a link to what matters.. the let me know..

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Simpsonize Me.

I finally got that to work and it turned out pretty well if you ask me, It's really neat to be a Simpson, I can't wait to purchase the movie and the rest of the seasons on DVD..

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Just a rant..

I got to work this morning at the G-A-P just to find my name upon a dry erase board saying that they desire from me a Gap card this month, thats all and well, I can try accept for the fact that they only schedule me during the hours of 6 to 10 and we NEVER open before 10, but I'm good with working while nobody is there but us employees so if they choose to say something to me, I feel I have a valid excuse, because the people I work with in the morning are sick and tired of me pushing Gap cards on them ha that's all I got, Oh and I've been doing well on Helium... great stuff, I've written one article this month and earned 36 cents..and still no results back on the it pays to'll let ya know how that turns out..

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Well hello there..

I'm up to $2.55 on helium and slowly gaining there, surveys have been a little slow lately so I've turned to a site called "It pays to learn" .. I used to mess around on there before but it has changed so I'm working on getting back in on that, basically all you do to earn on that site is answer multiple choice quiz questions that are about random facts, history, math, science or literature. so check it out and see what it's all about.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I wish we had a Quik E

I wish we had them here in the great state of Alabama, how cool would it be to step into an episode of the longest running animated series ever?.. that would be so sweet, I'd love to , heck I might even apply for a job at one if there was one near by, I gotta see that movie sometime, even if it has to wait until it is at the dollar movies that'll be ok with me, I will add it to my dvd collection for sure, along with all the seasons of the Simpsons, I'm a bit behind but I'll catch up, I've only got the first 7, but Christmas is coming soon so maybe I'll get 'em for Christmas, Anyways, go to Youtube and check out the videos of the live tours of Kwik E Mart's they are out there thanks to people who feel for those of us who aren't lucky enough to have one near us..