Mr. BoJangles

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I wish we had a Quik E

I wish we had them here in the great state of Alabama, how cool would it be to step into an episode of the longest running animated series ever?.. that would be so sweet, I'd love to , heck I might even apply for a job at one if there was one near by, I gotta see that movie sometime, even if it has to wait until it is at the dollar movies that'll be ok with me, I will add it to my dvd collection for sure, along with all the seasons of the Simpsons, I'm a bit behind but I'll catch up, I've only got the first 7, but Christmas is coming soon so maybe I'll get 'em for Christmas, Anyways, go to Youtube and check out the videos of the live tours of Kwik E Mart's they are out there thanks to people who feel for those of us who aren't lucky enough to have one near us..

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