Mr. BoJangles

Sunday, August 23, 2009

First for a long time..

First time in a long time I've really not been ready for this next week. I think it's gonna be pretty stressful but we shall see. This has been a great weekend, family filled, we got together and pretty much spent all of Saturday sitting around my Granpa's house. and then I came home and watched a movie and went to bed early and then actually got up Sunday morning and went to church. Life goes on and I'm just gonna take it one day at a time, gotta do my best and hope its enough. I'll try to blog everyday and hope I can get some readers up on here..

Friday, August 21, 2009

First day back to school..

first days are always a breeze..This is gonna be a rough semester but I have a plan to take it one day at a time and try not to be overwhelmed by the amount of work it is going to involve. Being forced into a moon buggy project that will probably benefit me more than i know but it's gonna be a lot of work and stressful but I'm up for it.. i just gotta keep positive and I'll be good at least I'm not going through this alone. gets out of the hospital today but I'll still have the house to myself because she is staying at Grans due to the number of stairs in this house... anyways.. I gotta go take care of all the animals..

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I'm not sure where my feelings go, I don't have a good outlet, most people work out, paint, or write music or poems but I guess I just suppress my feelings and they are going to all come back one day, or maybe I'll just forget about 'em... who knows...I really do wonder when, where or if they are going to come back and get me it also surprises me that some people can tell when something is wrong with me but others have no clue at all, sometimes I just wanna be left alone. I came crashing down the other day but i always do after a vacation or even after just being out of Walker County AL, I go from being surrounded by people that are great friends and all love me back to this crap hole town where I have very few people I actually hang around. It also seems as though I'm doomed to be "just friends" with everyone, I guess I'm good with that...might as well be..would love to have somebody to love... but oh well ...wouldn't we all....

I guess today is blog worthy...

Today, bright and early, or rather dark and early I had to get up and take mom to the Hospital to get one of her knees replaced, so we arrived at 4:45 or so and sit in the waiting room, then we moved to a different waiting room and as soon as mom went back we moved to another room and waited some more until it was time for her to go for surgery, so we waited about 2 hours while she was in surgery, I slept in the waiting room until 6:30 which is when the cafeteria opens and starts serving breakfast so I ate breakfast and then headed back to the waiting room and slept in the chairs woke up when the phone rang and was told that they were starting surgery, this morning lasted forever. so at about 11 I get to leave the hospital and went to pay the water bill and the house insurance and then headed to the house, took a shower and accidently took a nap...oops ha ha..woke up about 5 and gave Jeremy a call and he's still at work.. supposed to be on his way home right now...we are gonna go out one last time before school starts...and probably continue to go out even when school is going on ....cause we are hardcore like that...can't wait to be done with school and have a real job...

Monday, August 17, 2009

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Friday, August 7, 2009


so I know if i really wanted people to read this i would put it on myspace where my friends actually read it but I need some new friends to hang around.. I need something to look forward to.. same routine over and over again gets me is about to be out for about a week and i think i'm gonna spend it with BB Gun and T Hizzie. ..and quite possibly Bayhor..its always a good time when we get together..forget about all the rest of the world, we've been regularly visiting Murphy's playing pool and drinking beer..makes for some fun times..and late night trips to Ralley's to pick up a big buford with chicken and bacon on it... that sandwich was amazing..anyways.. nobody reads this garbage anyways.. so have fun everybody..