Mr. BoJangles

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Easiest Money You'll ever make online

I've been going to this site for a while and all you have to do is click the ad link and view the page for up to 30 seconds and they pay you a penny. I've been paid $10 so far straight to my paypal account. You can become a premium member and click more ads but I'm not a paying member I just take the's called Clixsense check it out!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Snoop Doggy Dogg needs a Jobby job..

and so do I...I need a job and I've been hunting for three've yet to go gather applications but I'd love to have a job that is not that piddly mess I been doing..I need a real job that pays real money..and applying online is bull crap..I've never heard anything back from any job I've ever applied from online..Please people I need a job and don't know where to look?.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Thanks for nothing!!

Terrell Owens, Andre Johnson,Plaxico Burress,Chris Johnson,Eddie Royal and Adam Venatari...thanks for all under performed this week causing me a big defeat..101.25 to 116.30..I was supposed to win 146 to 129 but since you all sucked this week I now have a the keeper league...meanwhile I'm undefeated in the non keeper league that I am in.. thanks to Ronnie Brown..and the direct snaps that worked like a charm..I need a couple of new WR and RB and maybe a TE or two..too bad all the good ones are taken..maybe they'll all get better after their bye weeks...anyways..I'll be back..

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My adventure begins..

So..I guess by the time I'm done with this whole deal I'll have a story to tell ...maybe a book to I'm on the job hunt..full time probably..that is the best and quickest way to make money get your butt up and get out there and get a job..I started playing around on that and bought some fantasy stock in some British gold company and it's doing great...I should have done that in real life...but oh well..I don't really have the money to gamble with like that right now..

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Funny

So we were on our way back to Alabama from staying in Florida for a few weeks and the kids are in the back seat chattering as they always do. The radio is on and Steven yells back from the front seat of the Mini Van "We're in Alabama now" and Halei replies back "Can you turn the radio down so I can hear what you said" then Andrew tells her "He said we can have a banana now" So at this point Steven turns the radio down and reveals what was really said.."We are in Alabama now" to which both of the children reply with a collective "ooh"

No longer in school..

Well a strange series of events has come upon us that made me not able to pay for school because the bank for some reason sent the money to Birmingham instead of straight to my account so I was not able to pay in time so I've been removed from my classes and now I need to find a full time job or some sort of income because I think I'll have to start paying back my student loans soon and I have no degree to help me get a I'm on the hunt now..let me know if you need a design for your company I'll do it bargain cheap..just name the price..send me what your company does and I'll send you the logo rights and email is

Friday, September 12, 2008

Fantasy Football

I'm in a couple of fantasy football leagues on Yahoo and I'm undefeated so far. but I did lose my best QB Tom Brady to an injury. I picked up Rivers as my back up QB and hope he is to preform well enough to get me by with another win this week. I just wish fantasy ball paid I've thought about buying a lotto ticket but would prefer a more calculated income. Any Ideas?

Starving Artist..

So I guess I've screwed up going into Graphic Design because it seems to not be going as swell as another career might go that has a more defined path to a's just kind of hit an miss and so far it's been all miss I should have just finished up at UAB ..transfering has messed stuff up with the Pell grant and mainly my job I had at GAP it was only like $200 every two weeks but that's more than I get now with no job and I can't seem to find a job that is in my field even though I'm considered a senior and have like three semesters left to complete at the University of West Florida..I've looked at starting a website but I need a web design class first because figuring it out on my own is way intimidating for me..anyways..Wish me luck..I'm open to answer any questions one might have just to know somebody reads this..

Friday, September 5, 2008

Another great place for MP3s

Instead of a dollar a song it's 9cents a song I was impressed..and they have actual artists that you've heard of..not independent people trying to make it..