Mr. BoJangles

Friday, September 12, 2008

Starving Artist..

So I guess I've screwed up going into Graphic Design because it seems to not be going as swell as another career might go that has a more defined path to a's just kind of hit an miss and so far it's been all miss I should have just finished up at UAB ..transfering has messed stuff up with the Pell grant and mainly my job I had at GAP it was only like $200 every two weeks but that's more than I get now with no job and I can't seem to find a job that is in my field even though I'm considered a senior and have like three semesters left to complete at the University of West Florida..I've looked at starting a website but I need a web design class first because figuring it out on my own is way intimidating for me..anyways..Wish me luck..I'm open to answer any questions one might have just to know somebody reads this..

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