Mr. BoJangles

Thursday, October 30, 2008

morning gripes..

Well first off I was gonna shower and shave this morning cause I'm getting homeless I showered and got ready to shave...turned my electric shaver on and errrrrrnhhh... it dies...It's been sitting on the cleaning/charging station for Lord knows how long?...and it's gonna be dead...what is up with I guess I'm going to go to the store and buy the old fashion razor and shaving cream..I'm just glad my job interview wasn't this crappy would that be?..and I'm looking for some new earbuds for my iPod..the ones that come with it are beginning to feel like stones stuck in my ears and I can only ear good out of one side ..and I know it's not just my ears cause I switched ears to see if it was just me..and you can really hear better out of the left one..if I could find a three pack that would be great cause I know that Steven and Lisa probably suffer with the same pains...oh and Anybody interested in a house in Gardendale AL...if so leave a comment...anyways....I'm off

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What would you do with a trillion dollars?

You can go on a shopping spree here to se what the money spent by the U.S. could have done..just a fun little site..

shopping spree

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This is awesome..

I've recently been reading and found a great website. It's like an online library you can get both text and audio of lots of great classic books. They even offer audio books that are formated for your Ipod so that iTunes will actually recognize it as an audio book. Best of all they are all free but the site does take donations through paypal and you can also help them by proofreading some of their stories. I do realize that reading on a computer screen is not as appealing as a book but I'm trying out the whole audio book thing..and I've also found that it helps to reverse the colors on your computer screen while reading lots of text on my MAC you do it by holding the CTRL ALT and apple key and pressing 8 and that turns the white background black and the text white, I've yet to read a whole book on that site..I prefer books but it's a great site..

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fantasy team..

This is a blog to my fantasy team..a pre-game pep talk if you will.

Phillip Rivers- I need you to shake off those interceptions you threw last game and step it up against Miami which is the 26th in the leagues pass defense. my usual starter is Aaron Rodgers but he's hurt so I'm giving him the week off...step it up Phillip you got some shoes to fill.

Terrell Owens- I need you to catch the ball and run with it.I know you can you were very reliable last year on my team this year you've been struggling and I realize it's not your fault..just do what you do..preform

might do more later...