Mr. BoJangles

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

No more income.. we are getting rid of the internet here at the that more money for me...I'll have to find a new job...Gap doesn't provide enough hours for me, so I guess this blog is over now...goodbye all and thanks for reading...


I need a real job...somewhere..GAP just doesn't pay me well enough and I actually make more online than I do at GAP..I just need a more steady income...I cannot find a job online ..I just don't know the right people..I just wish I could find one person that needed a design ..that I could do right before my 30 day free trial on the Adobe software runs out but they are sneaking up on me and I hate not being able to help out around here..I'm broke all the time and all I pay for is my food and frustrating...

Monday, October 29, 2007

A Pair of...

New site..with a low payout...straight to your paypal account..$1 payouts..slower money than clixsense but I'll take all the easy money I can's called A Pair I've gotten a whole 22¢ so far..well on my way to my first dollar ha ha..I love the places that send to my paypal although I find that harder to save...but I'll take what I can get..Lightspeed Panel is good..I got $10 on the way from there..but just can't ever have enough money these days..especially with the van acting up like it is...ugh...what a pain..and m 30 day free trial is up on CS3 so I guess it'll be time soon to break down and buy it..I'd also love to have OS 10.5 also..I got my computer just a bit too late to upgrade for 10 bucks..oh well..I'll get fixed up soon.maybe..

Football or is this basketball?

Last play of the play, 15 laterals...and a touchdown later..Trinity wins...who cares that it's division III football it's still a play that will go on many highlight looks more like a basketball play..

Big Football Weekend..

I'm pretty excited about this weekend..LSU vs Bama on Saturday and Colts vs Patriots Sunday..that'll be we've temporarily taken in two extra children for the week or at least part of it...they are good kids.. and really cute ha the official homeschooling is about to begin it should be an adventure. We have gotten almost all of the clothing at GAP switched over from plastic hangers to wooden looks a lot nicer than it did before..Steven and Lisa got my snack food survey mailed off and I should have my $50 from it soon..and then 10 more when I complete the online portion of the survey..I'll try to save that money for Christmas...but won't make any promises..anyways..I guess I'll go on now...I might be looking at my first fantasy loss this week...oh can't win 'em QB let me down...along with a couple of others..

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Current Housing Market

Mortgages UK is a great site with lots and lots of information about the current housing market, with all sorts of applications that you might need while looking for a new house and ways to finance your move. They have a really well laid out site and it is really easy to navigate and find what you need to know. They offer lots of different types of mortgages and has lots of guides on all sorts of topics that many people don't understand but need to know. There is lots of stuff that we all need to know and they even offer a free quote with no obligation so they are there to help you and with a site like this it is hard not to use them.
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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Grapic Design..

I'm learning a lot in that class and would love to have a job in that field and have pretty much learned that getting a job in that field is pretty much who you know and what you can I'm hoping to get a lucky break somewhere along the way..hoping these classes I'm taking aren't a total for now I'm tired of being broke all the time and scrounging money together from every place I can get it..I'm ready for a real job and to make some real money..soon..

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Good Afternoon and Roll Tide to all..

It is Saturday and I'm so glad to get my working over with at the I can watch some football for the rest of my day..mainly Alabama and Auburn play but a little extra games sprinkled in there between..I have to keep an eye on my picks on the yahoo group..not doing to swell on those these days..but my Fantasy team is alright..gonna be a rough week but I'm sure we'll pull it off..I have to work tomorrow too but I really don't mind missing the NFL games although I do enjoy watching thanks to fantasy sports..but I guess that's what Sunday night is guess I need to start working on my designs for class soon..I've got nothing more to say..I'll blog later..

Friday, October 19, 2007

So much to do..

Well it is Friday and we have tons to do..the house needs some attention and we need money..Monopoly wasn't good to us today..we only got one piece online that we didn't have, so now we have all but one of every one of the online pieces and a couple of the real life pieces..The cats are crapping everywhere and they look all innocent but we know..we can smell is very frustrating how fast the house gets destroyed and how long it takes to make it right..anyways..I guess I'll stop complaining..just wish I could find a good way to make some cash online..aside from all the other sites that I frequent..make a donation..ha ha you'll be the first might surprise you but nobody will give to me just for no reason..but I haven't given up give.. please..

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I'm a winner..

Nothing big, but after typing in my Monopoly codes today..I won a free download of Monopoly Here and Now for the computer..I've played it twice now..won once, lost isn't what I was hoping to win but I'll take it..maybe something better next I've been stressing over my fantasy football team not being predicted to win..maybe I'll out perform the other team..just maybe..But I've done my research and feel that I have the best available I'll just have to do with what I got..we'll see what's gonna happen..oh and Happy 600th visitor..woohoo..

Monday, October 15, 2007

Monopoly is Back.

Well Mcdonald's is doing Monopoly again and I'm prepared to win some cash..Now is a great time to run upon a little extra cash considering that we are all a little low and could use a little monetary boost so McDonalds is my quick fix and hopefully two meals a day there will help us out..ha ha..and with both our online chances and our hard copy paper chances I think we are well off...oh and I got my drug test back today and surprise surprise..I'm all I just have to get all that paper work filled out and sent in..and I'll have a clean record again..


This is a great site to find great deals on all sorts of stuff, anywhere from Dell to 1-800-FLOWERS and many many more great sites like Kohls and Overstock and even NBC has coupon codes on this site.. you can use it on whatever you want, I'm impressed to find all of the name brand stores that are participating in these deals, I think I'll go check out the deals right now. Dell coupons are always nice to have.

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

1 year Anniversary!

I've now been working at GAP for a year..and was rewarded with a shiny silver pin that says "GAP inc 1" it's a nice little gesture but more important is all he money that has been made there, I just need some more.I just have so man things that I want to buy, I'd like to go all out on Christmas but really don't have the money to right now..The small amount of football that I've seen today has been pretty exciting stuff.. I love watching football and can't wait for the pro tomorrow, it's always fun to watch and root for your players..I'm really tired and sleepy right now and would love for any visitor to donate to my funds, I average about four hours a week at GAP but enough complaining..I'm doing well for now..hoping for a new income soon..wish me luck..

going to bed.

I'm gonna go to bed now..I've gotten my first college pick wrong this week..woohoo..go me..but at least I am tied with Lisa..I can't wait to get my drug test back, figure out what blood type I have and get all that cleared good night..and sleep tight, I know that I will...or try to at least..I got a really awesome survey opp from lightspeed, they sent me a palm pilot to record all my snack food on and they are paying me crazy good..$10 cash, $50 for completing the second part..and another $10 for the follow's good easy money..check it out..

Starting your own business.

This is a wonderful site that can help you get started with a business of your own they will set you up with all the things you need to provide the information for your shareholders and people interested in supporting your company but this site is there to help you out. When you corporation is first set up you should have a meeting of directors and shareholders.They will help you come up with a good set of bylaws and help you adopt a good operation agreement. They provide free forms and prepare whole sets of documents for anywhere from $20 to $25. Any questions you have before diving in headfirst can be answered by checking out their FAQ section
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Friday, October 12, 2007

New Photo Manipulation.

This is my latest creation..a very fun little hobby that I've picked up and if anyone has any suggestions for artwork I'd be glad to try it out and post it.just post your ideas as comments and I'll get to 'em and get 'em posted..

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

How bout this is what was going on during my jail stay..

Don't we all wish that officers would worry about things like this. rather than putting innocent people like me in jail for a couple of hours.. how bout we should worry about people killing people instead of people driving too slow in a school zone..?..huh?..anyways..enough griping, I'm over it!!

Oh what a day!!

It all started when I went to take the girls to school, just jumped up stuck my contacts in and headed out to take 'em to school, so I dropped 'em off and then drove on home, only to find out that a crossing guard turned me in as "Driving suspiciously" and so I was searched me , my car .and given the sobriety test, the whole walk the line and count to 9 and then turn around and do the same back, and then the stand on one foot with your other foot held 6 inches from the ground counting down from 99 while looking at your I could do neither one of those so this automatically means that I am on some sort of strong pain medication...oh and my eyes move, my mom's eyes move, my brother's eyes move and my gran's eyes we must all be on strong pain I stayed in jail for most of the day..thanks to Steven and Lisa for getting me I propose that police need more education on this condition that I have.. I understand they are just trying to do their jobs but they just ruined a whole day for me, and cost Steven a day at work, ruined a perfectly good pair of pj pants because I wasn't allowed to have string in the cell with I feel they owe me..ugh..I never have liked police that much...but who would keep a dangerous criminal such as me off the streets if there weren't any of Gardendale's finest???..It was really humiliating for a police officer to look me straight in the eye and tell me that I was on drugs, when I knew for a fact that I was not, I have never even had pain medication beyond advil for a head ache. anyways..I'm a free man now...gotta go to court and get it cleared up in about a month..I plan on having my blood test with me on that day and prove to them once and for all that I was not intoxicated at all..

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Benefits of refinancing

Refinancing is a great way to help home owners get into their dream home. This site is just the one to help you get to that point in your life. They offer home loans and all sorts of resources like mortgage rates and just an endless list of links that will be helpful to anyone interested in refinancing their home.They can even help find a real estate agent.
Mortgage refinancing is a great way to save money.
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Monday, October 8, 2007

slow going..

All my earnings have slowed down as of lately..Clixsense is up to almost 7 dollars and I need $10 to cash out..I just cashed out my lightspeed and helium is slowly gaining money it's almost at $5 and I need $25 before I can cash out, I earned a whole 11 cents last month on yuwie and cannot get anybody to participate in it whole heartedly but you can't really expect people too until you have something to show for it..survey spot sent me a check along with MySurvey and that helped pay the cell phone bill so that was nice to have, and payperpost will pay out soon so I should be doing alright..

Fantasy Football.

My fantasy football team is doing well still..did great last night I have one player to play and then this game will be over..I'm a bit worried about next weeks game..I have to play Lisa and she's great about going and finding all the best players that are available.and I just kinda have to deal with what I got cause I have a really good team..but we'll see what happens next week..I'm stuff..

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Gifts for Guys!

This is a perfect site for the upcoming Christmas to provide perfect gifts for all the guys in your family and your friends that need gifts as well.This is for ideas for gifts for him , gifts guys like to get. Over 1000 gift ideas easy to order. They are a member of the BBB online a very reliable business and accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.The perfect place to get supplies for your garage in your man's life. So order now and it'll be there in time for Christmas.

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Friday, October 5, 2007

The Office.

What a wonderful of my took me a while to catch it..but I get it now..wonderful job creating characters for a show, and a great atmosphere as well..I'm getting a bit sleepy now.. but it's nice to have one last blog tonight.. thanks for reading guys and gals.. maybe I'll have more to offer tomorrow..

Payday Loans

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Thursday, October 4, 2007

I love PayPerPost!!

It is really easy money and once you get started and have regular posts you get paid everyday..different sites offer different amounts for different amounts of words. I've made over $500 and only 82 blogs..I was introduced to it by my best friend in the whole wide world and she no longer has time to do it due to her studying nursing school.but they send the money directly to your paypal account once your blog has been approved and in 30 days you'll have your money..and once you do so many you don't even have to wait for them to be approved...they just start the count down as soon as you post also have to have a real blog between pay per posts so they basically become little commercials between your blogs..that you get paid for...nice, easy , money..if you wanna try it out, just click on the box that is located on the right side of my blog, you can also sign up for direct post and have people personally ask you to blog about certain things for a set amount that you declare, but I've not been priveladged enough to partake in any of that action so far..

Mortgage Refinance!

Now is a great time to go get your with mortgage refinanced with interest rates at a really great rate, and this is the site just for you who really want and need to do just that. This site offers all the information you need with quick answers to all those frequently asked questions, so check this site out that is loaded with tons of information that we all need to know if we are going to survive in todays society.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

nice to have readers..

I love when people leave comments on my blog here, love to know I'm being heard..I got a new laptop and need to transfer photoshop from my old one...but my old one won't come I'm puzzled.?..not sure how to go about getting photoshop..any ideas?

Monday, October 1, 2007

MacBook up and running..

I've got my computer up and running, almost like I like it but unfortunately Photoshop was curupted when I transfered it over and that is the one program that I needed for school so I guess I'll have to get a copy of that somewhere along the way but I have my checking account on here to keep up with and all my favorite websites loaded and of course my music so I'm good now..just need photoshop...and more money as always..

Black Friday deals!!

This is a site that I found that offers lots of deals online on black Friday they list all the 2007 thanksgiving specials and have lots of sites that offer the same great deals you get in the stores minus all the crowds and hassle of getting up and out so early. One of the featured deals is at Toys R Us the stores participating aren't just rinky dink stores they are the big time merchants like Best Buy, Khols , Old Navy, Target, Staples, and Walmart just to name a few. These are great deals at places that you would go shop anyways, so why not take advantage of these deals and get some Christmas shopping out of the way early just while sitting around the house in your p.j.'s That sounds like a pretty good plan to me. If you place your email address in the blank on the site that is provided a link for then you will be notified when new Black Friday deals are available I know I'll be taking advantage of these online deals rather than stand in line at the stores with all the other Americans out there I'd much rather do my shopping from the comfort of my own home while watching all the crazy shopping on the morning news, while I'm safely sitting in the comfort of my own home. I'll save money and save myself the stress of Christmas shopping, so after reading this maybe I've changed your mind and you can help yourself to these great deals too.

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