Mr. BoJangles

Monday, October 29, 2007

Big Football Weekend..

I'm pretty excited about this weekend..LSU vs Bama on Saturday and Colts vs Patriots Sunday..that'll be we've temporarily taken in two extra children for the week or at least part of it...they are good kids.. and really cute ha the official homeschooling is about to begin it should be an adventure. We have gotten almost all of the clothing at GAP switched over from plastic hangers to wooden looks a lot nicer than it did before..Steven and Lisa got my snack food survey mailed off and I should have my $50 from it soon..and then 10 more when I complete the online portion of the survey..I'll try to save that money for Christmas...but won't make any promises..anyways..I guess I'll go on now...I might be looking at my first fantasy loss this week...oh can't win 'em QB let me down...along with a couple of others..

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