Mr. BoJangles

Friday, October 19, 2007

So much to do..

Well it is Friday and we have tons to do..the house needs some attention and we need money..Monopoly wasn't good to us today..we only got one piece online that we didn't have, so now we have all but one of every one of the online pieces and a couple of the real life pieces..The cats are crapping everywhere and they look all innocent but we know..we can smell is very frustrating how fast the house gets destroyed and how long it takes to make it right..anyways..I guess I'll stop complaining..just wish I could find a good way to make some cash online..aside from all the other sites that I frequent..make a donation..ha ha you'll be the first might surprise you but nobody will give to me just for no reason..but I haven't given up give.. please..

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