Mr. BoJangles

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Oh what a day!!

It all started when I went to take the girls to school, just jumped up stuck my contacts in and headed out to take 'em to school, so I dropped 'em off and then drove on home, only to find out that a crossing guard turned me in as "Driving suspiciously" and so I was searched me , my car .and given the sobriety test, the whole walk the line and count to 9 and then turn around and do the same back, and then the stand on one foot with your other foot held 6 inches from the ground counting down from 99 while looking at your I could do neither one of those so this automatically means that I am on some sort of strong pain medication...oh and my eyes move, my mom's eyes move, my brother's eyes move and my gran's eyes we must all be on strong pain I stayed in jail for most of the day..thanks to Steven and Lisa for getting me I propose that police need more education on this condition that I have.. I understand they are just trying to do their jobs but they just ruined a whole day for me, and cost Steven a day at work, ruined a perfectly good pair of pj pants because I wasn't allowed to have string in the cell with I feel they owe me..ugh..I never have liked police that much...but who would keep a dangerous criminal such as me off the streets if there weren't any of Gardendale's finest???..It was really humiliating for a police officer to look me straight in the eye and tell me that I was on drugs, when I knew for a fact that I was not, I have never even had pain medication beyond advil for a head ache. anyways..I'm a free man now...gotta go to court and get it cleared up in about a month..I plan on having my blood test with me on that day and prove to them once and for all that I was not intoxicated at all..

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