Mr. BoJangles

Monday, October 29, 2007

A Pair of...

New site..with a low payout...straight to your paypal account..$1 payouts..slower money than clixsense but I'll take all the easy money I can's called A Pair I've gotten a whole 22¢ so far..well on my way to my first dollar ha ha..I love the places that send to my paypal although I find that harder to save...but I'll take what I can get..Lightspeed Panel is good..I got $10 on the way from there..but just can't ever have enough money these days..especially with the van acting up like it is...ugh...what a pain..and m 30 day free trial is up on CS3 so I guess it'll be time soon to break down and buy it..I'd also love to have OS 10.5 also..I got my computer just a bit too late to upgrade for 10 bucks..oh well..I'll get fixed up soon.maybe..

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