Mr. BoJangles

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This is awesome..

I've recently been reading and found a great website. It's like an online library you can get both text and audio of lots of great classic books. They even offer audio books that are formated for your Ipod so that iTunes will actually recognize it as an audio book. Best of all they are all free but the site does take donations through paypal and you can also help them by proofreading some of their stories. I do realize that reading on a computer screen is not as appealing as a book but I'm trying out the whole audio book thing..and I've also found that it helps to reverse the colors on your computer screen while reading lots of text on my MAC you do it by holding the CTRL ALT and apple key and pressing 8 and that turns the white background black and the text white, I've yet to read a whole book on that site..I prefer books but it's a great site..

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