Mr. BoJangles

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I'm not sure where my feelings go, I don't have a good outlet, most people work out, paint, or write music or poems but I guess I just suppress my feelings and they are going to all come back one day, or maybe I'll just forget about 'em... who knows...I really do wonder when, where or if they are going to come back and get me it also surprises me that some people can tell when something is wrong with me but others have no clue at all, sometimes I just wanna be left alone. I came crashing down the other day but i always do after a vacation or even after just being out of Walker County AL, I go from being surrounded by people that are great friends and all love me back to this crap hole town where I have very few people I actually hang around. It also seems as though I'm doomed to be "just friends" with everyone, I guess I'm good with that...might as well be..would love to have somebody to love... but oh well ...wouldn't we all....

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