Mr. BoJangles

Friday, August 24, 2007


This is crap!

So... I had my first real day of class today... it sucked..wasted day basically.. went to my first class it seems kinda cool.. I didn't realize how much time I actually had between classes so my dumb self sat around on the bench outside..took a little nap.. and woke up just in time to go to class..which is gonna be a real pain.. So I started on my first assignment and got about a 3rd of the way done..class was over so I saved it on my thumb drive that I now find out is too small.. so I get on my computer to finish my assignment just to find out that InDesign CS2 won't read a CS3 (which is the updated version of the same software).. so I guess I have to start over...and even if I do I don't know that it will print at the school once I do finish... so that makes me very now I have all these supplies to get and really no money to get 'em with... Gap doesn't have me on the schedule this week so that's two weeks in a row that I haven't worked so that money coming my crap I don't know what to do..I like the teacher of the second class but dang it these supplies are just too much to ask..and requiring three different books .. all cheap but combined adds up.. even used..$13, $10, and $7.50...ugh..I'm confused...

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