Mr. BoJangles

Monday, June 11, 2007

Hot Outside.

It is way hot outside in Alabama today and I've heard that due to the drought situation milk prices are going to sky rocket. I can only assume that the reason is that the hay that the cows need to eat cost more so it's one one of those trickle things where it cost everybody more so everybody pays more but that won't really effect me directly cause I'm not a big milk fan anyways. I just try to blog about non personal stuff on this blog. but I something is bothering me...these children eat and eat and eat and eat...oh my eat eat...and when we are sitting here on the laptops and they come poking their little noses around the corner of the screen to see what we are looking at...that bothers me....and when Lisa goes to the bathroom and nobody will leave her alone...and let her use the bathroom oh my gripe is done now..they don't LISTEN!!!

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