Mr. BoJangles

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Greatest Pranks on TV

VH1 had a show that listed the top 40 pranks on tv and the top prank was hilarious. They had set up this reality show, the typical win a date with the really hot girl and over the weeks of the competition they had come down to the winner and announced the winner and then they announced the twist. Are you ready for the twist?..hope so cause the really hot girl turns out to be a dude, so the guy has a choice to make. From the dock they are standing down below is waiting a boat with the equivalent of about $17,000 and his date, does he take the money and date the dude, yeah he did, he took it like a man. Ha ha..I thought that was hilarious!
I'm watching Cribs now and being jealous of all the lovely houses, with hopes of having one half as nice one day.

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