Mr. BoJangles

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Diet of Ham sandwiches and Pringels

It's worked for me these two days that I've been away from the family, All I've eaten is Ham and the occasional bologna sandwich sometimes with mustard and sometimes mayo and sometimes just dry accompanied by various flavors of pringles potato crisps, Bacon Ranch, Spicy Guacamole or just original and large glasses of ice water to drink. I don't have specific numbers on weight loss I just know that I'm down to 164 and had been hovering around 168 or 167 somewhere along there, but today this diet comes crashing down just like all diets do..Lisa suggested that this diet of mine isn't healthy, not enough to eat she says so today for lunch I will have a grand crashing of the diet by having a little Caesars $5 pizza, pepperoni to be more specific. it'll be good