Mr. BoJangles

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Song Remembers when.

That song is oh so true, we were riding down the road today and listening to the radio when "I can only imagine" came on the radio and Lisa was remembering the first time she felt Halei move inside her, she was on her way to work and she was saying how it made her cry, and then I was remembering all the times I had cried while that song was on, During our Final Word at Blooming Grove that Tim had written rather than buy the cheesy little cookie cutter ones from Lifeway and all the memories of the group, both the serious and the fun memories and they were all triggered by that one song. I guess this is a follow up of my memories blog from a while back; weird how smells, sounds, songs and being places can all send memories rushing back to your mind.

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