Mr. BoJangles

Monday, June 11, 2007


Memory is a funny thing, not ha ha funny but strange funny. It's odd to me how a smell can invoke so many memories, What brings this up is tonight Steven was grilling, but due to us not having the gas grill here we borrowed a charcoal grill, the smell of the smoke coming off of the charcoal makes me think , camping, grilling out, good times, riding bikes and such but also this weekend I was thinking while standing watching the grand VBS finale thinking of all the VBS that I had taken part in and all the memories that I had of helping out and the people I was around and the people I had influenced as well as the people who have influence on me. I miss those people. Even if I were to go back to that place now it wouldn't be the same. so all this said what it all boils down to I guess is..
Time Changes Everything.

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