Mr. BoJangles

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Been crazy.

Well every since Lisa and Steven got back it has been nuts around here..I got back from work this morning and Lisa and the rest of the ladies were gone to Walmart buying stuff for the shower tomorrow, we've been preparing for's been crazy..we ate dinner, cheeseburgers I had fried egg on mine..that was new..and yummy...anyways..after that I had some cookie cake and a glass of water..and a Pina it was really Lisa's but she bailed out on it so I drank it..They made a diaper's neat..they are gone to walmart again to get more ribbon and hair dye.. My blood pressure is high so I guess I need to exercise more...anyways..I guess I'll hush up about my personal life and start jabbering about what you are really here for...Big Fish games. is another site I've found where you set up a page that has your favorite games on it and if someone purchases it.. you get 25% of the purchase and once you get $20 you can cash out..I've yet to be paid but you can check it out...even if it doesn't pay well..the games are fun and you can use the "tokens" you earn to get tickets into sweepstakes for cash I are fun and you'll be surprised at the selection...really well known can click on the link that is located on this's easy to get there.

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