Mr. BoJangles

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Diet Crusher.

Here it is guys, what you've all been waiting to see... This is the lunch that ends weight loss..a $7 pizza from Little Caesars, Bacon, Pepperoni and sausage .. it's over with one bite of this pizza...or four pieces ha ha..I do apologize for the low quality of this picture but you'll have to forgive me cause it's taken holding my webcam up above it and reaching over with my other hand and clicking the "Capture Still Image" button, I might could have focused it a little more but why do that when I could just blame the low quality on a webcam?..anyways..I couldn't find Tori's camera to borrow otherwise I would have had an interesting photo blog like Lisa's...but like we've all heard before..."An excuse ..Ain't nothin' but a lie with a bow tie" ha ha..and that'll be my clever quote for the day..

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