Mr. BoJangles

Saturday, June 2, 2007


Well my birthday was all and well and if you want those details then check my myspace blog. So I was took a survey this morning easiest two dollars i ever made but anyways i was taking another survey that got me some entries into a sweepstakes and it asked me if the U.S. should get rid of the penny? that is a pretty dumb question if you ask me, i mean how are you gonna get 2 cents back for change?...anyways that just bothered me. And it was a little odd yesterday getting text messages from some of Dad's friends saying happy birthday i'm just glad they explained how they knew who i was otherwise i would have been a little creeped out. I felt special yesterday, i guess i should everyday but ya know..getting a home made birthday card from Tori with the wrong year on it was is the thought that counts in most cases, but i can think of cases where the thought doesn't really count at all, such as I saw you about to be hit by that bus and thought about saving you...see..the thought doesn't really count there...anyways..i guess i don't really have anything to say now that i'm up early and could have slept late but was a moron and didn't look at my work schedule close enough to see that i had to work at 7 P.M not 7 A.M. but it won't happen again, i've learned my lesson.

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