Mr. BoJangles

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Top of the morning to ya!

It has been an interesting day so far, I woke up and went into Lisa's bedroom to see what she was watching, because she had turned the tv up and I could tell she was watching something interesting, She was watching My Super Sweet 16, a show on MTV about people who throw really really ridiculous birthday parties for their daughters on their 16th birthday. So after we watched a couple of episodes of that, I completely lost interest due to the last episode the girl was being a total B*tch and making these two guys compete for her love and then at the end she chose the one that lost all three competitions. Anyways..after that the little neighbor boy came over to see when Tori was going to bathe the dog, this turned into much more of a chore than it had ever been before, it was all going smooth until Drew decided he wanted to go out and help, so Jen gets in when Drew goes out, and she's not big on going outside, so she just lays down and we have a little battle, Lisa threw some water at Jen and this just threw her into a scared frenzy running upstairs and jumping on the couch, so now we have wet dog on the couch, but eventually Lisa got the broom and just kinda tapped her on the rear and then Jen knew we weren't playing so she went out, and then we swept and dried up the floor, had breakfast and a vitamin and then I took a shower and helped clean up. I moved the computer that was in the floor down to Halei's room and now all is calmed down and Lisa and Constance are gone out and me and the kiddos are home, peaceful, Kate is getting pretty far along with her kittens they are beginning to move in her to the point where she'll be asleep and actually wake up and meow due to kitten thats been my day so far...interesting huh?

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