Mr. BoJangles

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

American Idol

Well i just read about how to bring traffic to a blog and it said to talk about things that people are interested in. So what about American Idol? It's been alright this year not near as interesting as it has been in the past although i do like our tradition of going to Qudoba and watching the result show. Last wednesday we were all gathered around the tv with the workers at Qdoba and cheered when Sanjaya went home. He'll still be a star even after American Idol because some producer will contact him and then he'll have his group of 12 year old girls that will follow him around and buy every magazine that he's got a picture in. I did think it was interesting what he thought about the girl that cried through his entire performance and how that kinda creeped him out. Anyways. Who do we think is going to win? I'm gonna put my money on Jordin she's a really powerful singer and has the look too, but i believe it is even more interesting seeing which one of the losers comes out on top such as Chris Daughtry and Bucky Covington they both went out rather early and they are doing pretty good to have been losers in the American Idol competition.

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