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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Spark People.

A great site for weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. It's great because they reward you with points for doing different things and with the points you get trophies..yes i know it's just a little icon by the name but it helps me out but you get points for things such as tracking the food you have eatin and doing working out or running and it helps you out and makes you more aware of the foods you are eating and it puts a stop to that mindless eating that accurs while most people don't even realize they are eating. i've started doing it and i feel alot better about myself and find myself more aware of being hungry or i'll stop myself when i realize i'm just eating because it's time to eat or because i want something to taste. but it sets out a meal plan for you and if you don't like whats on it just go through the list and pick what you want. And another thing great about this site is that it doesn't tell you that you can't have certain foods it's a healthier eating plan not a diet..
and this blog has not been paid for by payperpost (another great site) that i have made around $450 by using. but i'll blog about them later.

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