Mr. BoJangles

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I need a job..

I need some money and a new job in Pensacola FL any ideas, I applied for a couple online but haven't heard a word, I just wish I was done with school and had some experience under my belt, but can't seem to get any to show for, all I've got is two ears at Gap to put on my resume and that's nothing really, especially when it comes to trying to get a graphic design job...ugh...maybe I'll catch a break soon, cause I'm moving and I got all my eggs in this basket so here we go, ..I'll let ya know how it goes..feel free to donate ..go ahead it's right there on the side...just a dollar will do...go ahead, you'd be the first to do so....I'll give you a shout out...put a link to your website...whatever...just let me know..

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