Mr. BoJangles

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


So money is getting tight, i feel like i'm barely staying afloat and don't really know what to do, maybe i can just hold on until May and then the job hunt will be on, other than that life is pretty good right now, I'm scrounging the internet for all the money i can find, i got a betus account and been doing pretty good but they are giving me hell for trying to cash out my winnings, a fee of $40 seems a little steep on a cash out of $45 so I'm lookin into getting them to direct deposit it, maybe they won't charge so much for that, and if they do then i will be finding another site to bet at. Most of you are used to ads on my blog but this is really just me complaining.. I got a donation box over there and nobody has ever used it... oh well..I'm gonna go to bed now..

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