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Friday, December 30, 2011

Maybe this is wrong..

I'm not trying to offend anyone.. and I'm sorry if you have lost someone to a situation like this but every time I see a case where someone overdoses or has a deadly combination of pain pills I always think to myself "I told you so".. maybe it's time we legalize marijuana..? I mean there have been 0 cases of death caused by it.. it doesn't cause cancer..I mean they prescribe it to CANCER patients..There is also lot's of money to be made and it might as well go into the hands of the government rather than the streets where only those taking risks benefit from it. When you have both the chief of police and the head drug dealers both wanting pot to be illegal .. somebody is wrong.. Not to mention the health factor.. it is soo much better for you than alcohol and tobacco. People say it's a gateway drug? Probably not if you make it available.. the main reason people try new drugs is because of the black market..but this is just my opinion.. hope someone finds this and maybe causes you to think a bit..Oh and that whole "It makes you lazy" how bout near almost every musician that has had a successful career has smoked pot? Ted Turner.. joint a day.. ok.. done..

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