Mr. BoJangles

Friday, July 24, 2009


well i haven't much to say..i've had some calls from my buddies today it's always nice to have friends... got my little support group it's just too bad we are scattered about the country so..I have nobody to hang with this weekend so its just me and mom at the house.. jeremy is out of town and i guess this is my problem with not wanting too many friends... when the ones you have are gone you got nobody.. but if it were the other way you got so many friends and so little time.. so i guess i prefer how it is..i just want a small close knit group of friends....I'm identifying with Corey Smith's music so well right now.. I can find at least one line from every song that applies.. that makes me feel better..One day at a time..but i guess i've really always lived that way.. anyways.. nobody is really gonna read this it might as well be a conversation with myself..but anyways.. have fun guys and be safe..

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