Mr. BoJangles

Monday, July 16, 2007

Big money.

I've gotten a $4 check from a survey place and I received a product sample from PayPerPost and I'm to use it and then post on it, although it doesn't state how much they are going to pay me but the only people that got the sample is people that are very active on payperpost and I guess me earning a little over $400 makes me very active ha ha..but anyways.. I've gotten a whole $1.30 on Helium and I've found the best way to get money on there is to write early and write often, the more you write the more you make it's easy to do and in a couple of months you'll be able to cash out your $25 there are other sites out there that offer the same deal, with a lower payout but they are more picky about the articles and being accepted into it, but Helium accepts all people, the only side effect that I've found is that writing for Helium causes you to have longer blogs...but I think it's worth it..Oh..and 57 cents with Adsense money on Big Fish Games...but I've had some fun on t-shirts sold...

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