Mr. BoJangles

Friday, July 13, 2007

Helium, not just good for making you sound like a chipmunk anyomre..

Lisa just wrote an article last night on Helium and woke up this morning, checked it and over night it had made 93 took me like 4 months to reach over a dollar and she has written like 4 articles and almost has a dollar already, so maybe Helium is better than I was making it out to be, at that rate it won't take long for us to get a check from 'em..anyways..My friends shirt that we all went and voted on...the voting ended today and I'm looking forward to seeing how it did and if it made it or got over 2000 votes so maybe thats good enough..if it is..he'll be $2000 richer and thats cool..anyways..I gotta come up with a good one..and then actually produce the graphic anyways..Andy came up with some good t-shirt ideas but they are like snorg tee quality and not quite up to par with Threadless..anyways..I guess I'll blog more later..

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