Mr. BoJangles

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Blog title generator needed.

Some things just bother me, most of 'em seem to be signs of OCD, such as, I want all dvds in their case if they are not being watched, not laying loose outside the case, or even worse laying on top of the case, It bothers me that we have dvds lining the mantel of the fireplace and not neatly placed on a shelf and another pile laying next to the couch but we don't really have room or money to get a shelf to place them on. I also like for cds to be in their case or in the binder sleeve where it belongs if it is not being listened to. and i guess this all goes for video games also, many other things bother me but i hate to complain about stuff so much..cause life is pretty good to me so far, so i can't really complain about too much, oh and my b'day is tomorrow so an easy way to give a gift is to just click on the donate paypal button to the right there >>>>>>
it's easier than mail and half of y'all never see me anyways..thanks for reading.

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