Mr. BoJangles

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Working at GAP

Great American Product, Gay and Proud, whatever you say it stands for It really stands for the GAP that they supposedly bridged between the generations, clothing for all the generations anyways... it's an alright place to work just annoying sometimes with the mall security and all coming and knocking on the door and telling us to stop doing what we are doing and come sign their little paper saying who is there, well crap i bet they didn't make all the mall walkers sign in, and if they don't want everybody coming to work without their permission then why the crap do they unlock all the doors? anyways, and another thing, our shipment always gets there late, every day we get there at 6 and the shipment is supposed to be there at the most at 7 but it's always there about 7:45 or 8:00 and that isn't so bad when we have a small shipment which it has been for the past couple of times anyways i'm done griping and would like to paint some more now so i'll see ya'll guys later.

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