Mr. BoJangles

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hard to wash a muffin pan

So we are getting near ready to head out to the beach, all packed accept for a few things. So I'm ready for this bargain beach trip, that's what we'll call it because we are all low on cash but we need to go to the beach so that's where were gonna go. It'll be fun and we'll have some great pictures to show. I'm gonna eat some oysters and i know i probably shouldn't because i've always heard not to eat oysters in months with no "r" and if it doesnt' rain alot then the oysters might be holding pollution that didn't get washed out due to them filter feeding, but i want some oysters so i'm gonna do the dumb thing and eat 'em anyways but i'll let you know how that goes. so this is my last blog until i get back from the beach.

if my calculations are correct SLINKY + ESCALATOR = EVERLASTING FUN

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