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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Better to give than to recieve

This is a perfect chance to give a great holiday gift. It not only makes a great gift but when you buy it you are also helping out find a cure for Alzheimer's. This site is not only good for shopping though but it has lots and lots of information that people need to know and be aware of what this disease does to the person that has it and the family that it effects. The main purpose of this site is to bring awareness and raise money to help cure and make the quality of life better for those that are suffering with Alzheimer's. Unlike other programs all of the proceeds from the items purchased in this store go to fund research, while others only give half the profits this organization is dedicated to finding a cure all they are asking you to do is something that you are going to do anyways , shop for Christmas, so you might as well help out by buying some gifts from their store. They offer some beautiful and reasonably priced jewelry and a set of DVD's of a step by step method for both families and care givers to give effective hands on training care for in home care. It includes interviews with family members that have been there and experienced the family member that is going through this harsh disease. They have a link on the page aimed at teens and where you can do the whole candle lighting thing and there are just tons and tons of little tidbits of information on this site just too much to talk about here on this blog so what I would advise is for you to go to the site and check it out, get involved and help these people out for this Christmas season, just by you getting some jewelry for your girlfriend or wife can make a better Christmas for some family that has an Alzheimer's patient in their home. There is a link to the events on the page as well and this is a great way to get involved as well and help out and a great way to educate yourself about Alzheimer's.

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