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Friday, November 9, 2007

I've always wanted one of these..

Have you seen those sleep number bed and the famous people that tell you what their sleep number is..well I want to know what my number is..For those of you who don't know the sleep number bed is a bed that you adjust the softness or firmness of with the click of a button on your remote that is connected to the bed. I'd love to have one and I found just the site to get it. Another thing that is awesome about it is that if your partner doesn't like the same kind of firmness or softness as you then you don't have any problem because each person gets their own remote to personally adjust their side of the bed to their liking and if you get one for the guest room you just might have somebody stay longer than you want them to due to the extra comfy bed. You are supposed to replace your mattress every so often anyways so I'm guessing it is about that time for us all. No more flipping that mattress and fighting with it to get those sheets on it again just get you a sleep number bed and adjust it like you like it and you'll be lucky if you are able to get up in time because it'll be so comfortable. Studies have shown that better sleep equals a better life, you'll feel better and be healthier than those of us who do not sleep well at night.
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