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Wednesday, November 7, 2007


This is a wonderful product that is amazingly helpful by repairing loose caps and lost fillings. It provides fast temporary pain relief upon contact it is really easy to apply just simply open the vial and put it where you need it, no preparation just open and place where the pain is and unlike other tooth pain applications there are multiple doses in each vial so you just put the cap back on it and reuse it later, no mess,You can eat within 30 minutes of use and most importantly this product has been approved by both the FDA and oral care professions. So just head on and get you some Dentemp OS and ditch that tooth pain quick. This is a great product and there is no mixing involved and really easy to use. You can order it online or use your phone to order all you need. One container supplies enough to provide at least 6 applications of the product to your tooth or teeth that are causing you discomfort while others are really expensive and only provide one or maybe two applications if you were thrifty with the usage the first time you used it and very careful to place the cap back on it the correct way. This stuff has an easily replaced cap and is meant to be used more than once.

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