Mr. BoJangles

Monday, November 5, 2007

Nervous about tomorrow

Tomorrow I have to turn in my stationary suite...I have it printed but the hard part is getting it all mounted and pretty for presentation..I'll have to make a trip to hobby lobby tomorrow after Lisa gets back from class...I'm excited about my photo manipulation's a series of 6 cell phone wall papers and Lisa is gonna help me get the photographs set up to photoshop if I can ever get a working copy of it..ugh..I get a huge student discount but still can't quite afford it. I'd love to have the whole suite...CS3 but dang...what a heavy price...anyways..I need to get registered for classes..gotta figure out what classes I still need..I'm ready to be done with school and making some real money...oh and speaking of..I applied at Best Buy, hoping for more hours and a shorter drive..the people at GAP are great..I just need more money and I'm sick of clothes ha ha...but I've been there for a little over year it's time to move on...

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